Earl vs. The Mutants accepted in steam next fest!!!! OMG letsss goooo
1/22/2024 - Steam Next Fest
Earl demo will be featured on steam next fest from February 5th - February 12th <3 :)
1/21/2024 - View Article
WOW --- IGN added Earl vs The Mutants to their featured trailers page!
1/21/2024 - Watch Video
GameTrailers Youtube channel picked up on the trailer
Parky plays Earl on twitch
1/25/2024 - Watch Video
@parkenharbor Plays Earl on twitch
Carlos Gallego
1/25/2024 - Watch Video
@cgnnerpio Plays Earl on youtube.
The Hobo Gamer plays Earl on youtube
1/25/2024 - Watch Video
TheHoboGamer Plays our game on youtube! <3 much love
Gaming on Linux
1/24/2024 - Read Article
Gaming on Linux covers earl and provides a quick review
The one and noly vievnl plays Earl
1/24/2024 - Watch Video
@vievnl plays Earl!
Mr Shina!
1/23/2024 - Watch Video
@MrShina_ Plays Earl
Redian plays earl on their youtube channel
1/23/2024 - Watch Video
@Redian Plays earl on youtube channel
InVideogame plays earl
1/23/2024 - Watch Video
@InVideogame plays earl
One of our favorite streamers - Itstsubaki Plays earl on twitch!
1/23/2024 - Watch Video
@Itstsubaki_tv Streams earl play!
neiziyo_ttv the cutest streaming couple ever plays earl!
1/23/2024 - Watch Video
@neiziyo_ttv Dynamic duo plays earl
JoyKEY plays earl on youtube
1/23/2024 - Watch Video
@joykeygaming Plays earl on youtube
avidisodd plays earl on youtube
1/23/2024 - Watch Video
@avidisodd Plays earl
A good friend MrKnossig plays earl and talks to devs on stream
1/23/2024 - Watch Video
@mrknossig Plays earl and chats with devs
Oroboro does earl dare drops
1/23/2024 - Watch Video
@OroboroTV Plays on
DrIncompetent Plays Earl.
1/24/2024 - Watch Video
@DrIncompetent1 Plays Earl vs The Mutants
Its only cap twitcher streams earl
1/24/2024 - Watch Video
@ItsOnlyCap Streams a play of earl of twitch
1/23/2024 - Watch Video
@UltraC covers Earl demo on youtube!
1/22/2024 - View Article
BloodyDisgusting horror news website covers Earl Demo
Daniccus & Hunter
1/21/2024 - Watch Video
@daniccus One of our favorite streamers gives Earl a spin!
MadMorph covers on tiktok
1/20/2024 - Watch Video
@madmorph Big game influencer coveres Earl on tiktok!
BlueThunderGaming covers on tiktok
1/20/2024 - Watch Video
@blue_thundergaming WOW one of our favortie tiktokers covered Earl!
BaerTaffy on youtube reviews the demo
1/20/2024 - Watch Video
@BaerTaffy One of the coolest youtubers around reviews Earl vs. The Mutants
OHRye youtuber reviews the demo
1/19/2024 - Watch Video
@OHRyePlays Super cool youtuber gives earl a spin!
Covered on GameSpace
1/18/2024 - News Coverage
PR picked up and covered by gamespace
CletusBueford drops Earl on twitter
1/18/2024 - View Post
Covered on Blues News!!!
1/18/2024 - News Coverage
Utah founded video game news website picks up on Earl PR announcement
Earl vs. The Mutants - DEMO LAUNCHED!
1/18/2024 - Play Demo
OMG OMG OMG we are beyong excited to announce that our demo is live on steam for free!
1UP PR covers Earl vs. The Mutants
1/16/2024 - View Press Release
New Gameplay Trailer
1/16/2024 - View Trailer
Our new gameplay trailer just went live. Demo is out in 2 days! We are beyond excited
Earl Creators Club Launched
1/11/2024 - Apply for club!
Streamers and content creators join for exclusive access and rewards!
Earl Pintrest
1/10/2024 - Visit Pins
Earl pinterest page is live.
Earl vs. The Mutants - Game Announcement Press Release
10/4/2023 - Read More
Earl vs. The Mutants - Steam Page Live
10/1/2023 - Visit
Holy crap, we are beyond excited to finally have a home for our game. Getting the tingles, it feels like this is really happening!
Earl vs. The Mutants - News Launched
9/27/2023 - Visit News
All the exciting things going on with earl vs the mutants
Earl vs. The Mutants - Announcement Gameplay Trailer Released
9/28/2023 - Watch