Tier 1: Jr. Survivor Scouts
Requirements :
  • 50+ followers/subscribers
  • An audience or personal interest in indie games
Rewards :
  • Exclusive access to our private Discord server
  • Chat with developers at Falling State
  • Insider scoop on new updates and development
  • Networking with other streamers/creators
Tier 2: Wasteland Warriors
Requirements :
  • 1k+ followers/subscribers
  • 1 stream or piece of Earl vs. The Mutants social media #EarlvsTheMutants #EdnasPosse
  • An audience or personal interest in indie games
Rewards :
  • 1 piece of free swag after full game launch
  • Free Earl vs. The Mutant steam keys
  • Secret discord channels
  • Special event DareDrops, Contests for your stream viewers
  • Access to alpha builds
  • Everything in tier 1
Tier 3: Edna's VIP Gladiators
Requirements :
  • Have a stream with 10k+ followers
  • An audience or personal interest in indie games
  • A desire to stream Earl vs. The Mutants, or we see you're consistently creating content around Earl vs. the Mutants already
Rewards :
  • Potential partnership/sponsorship
  • Merch drops
  • Additional FallingState Game steam keys
  • Everything in tier 1 and tier 2
Code of Conduct
  • Stay in Line: If you stray from our code of conduct, we might have to show you the exit. We're all about fun, but let's keep it clean and fair.
  • Respect the Rules: All your awesome content should play nicely with copyright laws. We're creating, not pirating!
  • Sharing is Caring: We might want to show off your cool content for promotional purposes, but only with your thumbs-up. Your work, your call.
Our Game
In Earl vs. the Mutants, you'll take on my role of a mutant exterminator in a top-down driving rogue-lite. Navigate a post-apocalyptic wasteland, battling hordes of mutants and fulfill your mission to save humanity. Expect intense boss fights, a TON of in-run upgrades, and unique vehicle unlocks for diverse play styles. Designed for quick, thrilling sessions, each run lasts between 10 to 15 minutes, filled with cartoon violence and mutant destruction. Are you ready to join me and other Exterminators? Let's rev those engines and show those mutants what we're made of!
What are the benefits of the Creator Club?
Become a part of our unique community and network with other streamers and content creators. Receive all of the rewards listed above for the tier you are accepted into.
What will make me qualify for different roles?
Providing accurate information in the application and meeting all of the requirements will get you accepted.
When will I know if I am accepted to your club?
We will reach out to you as soon as possible!
After being accepted how do I access the club?
You will be invited to a private discord server.
If I have questions or problems how do I contact you?
Email us at contact@fallingstate.com or hit us up on witter @FallingState.